Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Eureka Times - 17th edition

Preparation of the 17th edition of The Eureka Times has commenced.
Production and distribution will be interrupted by a trip to the factory but this visit should produce even more information to incorporate in the 17th edition.
At this stage the 17th edition is expected to be available on the web site around 1 February with paper copies in the post shortly there-after.


Iain said...


while at the factory could you ask about the Victorian projects. I am very interested in the K class project (it would look good hauling my coal hoppers) and I know there is allot of interest in the R class as well.

Eureka Models said...

The K class project has been ready to commencing tooling for sometime now but I do not want to start it until I see test shots for the R class. Several other VR projects are in the same position. I will certainly get an update on the R when I visit the factory.

Anonymous said...
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