Friday, January 16, 2009

A Most Succesful Factory Visit

Arrived back in Sydney yesterday (Thursday) and just getting over the jet lag. This was a very succesful (and enjoyable) visit. I have started work on the next edition of The Eureka Times which should be ready for distribution next week.
I will also be posting snippets of information here as I think of stuff.
As a matter of interest and an indication of snippets to come the following is the agenda for the two meetings held at the factory. (The main meeting was at the Design Department followed by a second meeting in the Drawing Department for more detailed discussions on projects at the drawing stage.)
2. 38 class
3. 40 class
4. R class
5. 59 class
6. AD60 re-run
7. HUB car set
8. DEB set
9. 620/720 re-run
10. K class
11. RSH
12 BCW and BSV
13. Oil tankers
14. 30 class tank engine
15. 43 class

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the news Ron. A small argument. Jet lag results from the body being thrown out of wack by changing longitude by a significant amount and affecting the body's clock that expects to rest after a "normal day". Travel from Sydney to China and return is more a change of latitude event, so jet lag is not a consideration. I will allow fatigue as a genuine complaint. Especially for one caught up in the Chinese version of hospitality that involves trying to drink guests under the table. As noted in Eureka News. Been there and done that one.

Any way I am looking forward to this year and next with all those models coming along. Better stick in my HUB order before I forget.

Best regards,