Wednesday, March 20, 2019


With the latest in the 12 wheeler program well underway the factory has asked for details of the next offering in the program.
Eureka staff have already been discussing this and the field has been narrowed down to a couple of candidates.
The first of these is the Commissioner's Train, This would involve three new 12 wheelers, AAH7, AAH8 and AAH9.
The second is another group of two cars, a MBE and a MFE in early configuration including an early under-frame. This uder-frame would allow the production of early series 12 wheelers with crown lights and tongue and grove siding.  .

The factory having now produced the NCRs, the MAL/ACS/AB and currently the TAM/MCS is now very experienced at producing 12 wheelers. The result is that the factory is proposing to deliver each new offering in the 12 wheeler program at yearly intervals. This is quite a brisk pace and will involve considerable pressure on both the factory and the Eureka staff. Hopefully both organisations will be up to the task.   

Monday, March 18, 2019


      In a scene that will soon become more common a black 38 at the head of a consist which includes an MCS in Indian Red stops to take on water.  

The factory recently advised that staff from Eureka Models should make arrangements to visit the factory in June this year. It is normally the case that the factory issues such an invitation to a customer when a project is in the process of final assembly. This is the case with the 38 re-run hence the invitation.

Delivery in August is now expected. 

The following are the locomotive numbers and liveries that will be available:

         Streamlined                   3801          Green/Black/Grey
               3802          Special Green 1946-1953
                             3803          Special  Green 1946-1953                                          
                                             3804           Black late 1950s
                                             3805           Black late 1950s

Non-Streamliined                    3806           Green with Black Smoke Box  
                                             3807           Royal Train Black
                                             3809           Black
                                             3815           Black
                                             3818           Green with Black Smoke Box Door
                                             3820           Black
                                             3822           Green with Black Smoke Box Door
                                             3827           Service Green
                                             3830           Green with Black Smoke Box








One of the reasons for choosing to produce an MCS in our third batch of 12 wheelers as opposed to a CS was so that the car could be delivered in Candy livery as shown in the accompanying photo.
The Eureka MCS will have a different underframe to the car in the photo but MCS 796 and MCS 599 should faithfully capture the prototype for those who like the Candy livery.

The factory has advised that the TAM/MCS tooling has been released to the Injection Shop where squirting will commence. This will take only a few weeks at most and decoration (painting) can then follow. August is the expected delivery date.