Saturday, May 28, 2011

Just about there now but still no deflectors.

Click on the R Class for a larger view

Just about all of the injected components are now on hand and the model shown in the accompanying photo is the result. Still no smoke deflectors as these are etched components.
Two minor corrections identified at this stage.
The next step will be a running model which is expected in late July.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Fun and Games at the Eureka Office.

All those with R class locomotives on order have now been sent the K Class special offer letter. The next task for the hard working staff at the Eureka Office is to finish the next edition of "The Eureka Times" and to get it into the post. The next edition is almost written (as of the 9th of May) and post out should commence next week end (but no complaints please if it is held up). The printing and distribution of an edition of "The Eureka Times" takes about ten days and this one is being done in conjunction with the post out of the AD60s.

One or two surprises in it.

Should be fun.
AD60s On The Way

The re-run of our popular AD60 has arrived and posting out of orders has commenced. As usual all persons with an AD60 on order are being contacted before their model is put in the post. (Anyone wanting to short circuit the process and ring the Eureka Office is most welcome as this will save the time of a call)
Persons with fully paid orders are being contacted first and to date approximately 10 % of orders have been posted out.
The full post out is expected to take three to four weeks.