Sunday, November 30, 2008

Welcome to the Eureka Models Blog

We here at Eureka Models who remember when punched cards were needed to input data into a computer sometimes have trouble keeping up with the latest developments in computer applications such as blogs, wickies, You-tube, Facebook etc etc.However, the popularity of some of these applications suggests that they can serve a real purpose in conveying information to help build the relationships which are part and parcel of the endeavours which make up any society.

The Eureka Models blog then is intended to be a vehicle for conveying information about the day to day goings-on in the Eureka Models organisation. It is not meant to replace The Eureka Web-site but rather will carry what might otherwise be almost referred to as trivia.

Blogs are supposed to be a lot easier to update than a web-site and as such will hopefully be more up-to-date and “newsy”. It is intended to be quite informal and may well develop in directions that we have not even anticipated.

As with the Eureka Models web-site which is ably maintained by Tom Worley, the Eureka Models blog will be under the care of fellow modeller Ray Pilgrim. Ray will be known to many modellers for the many superb photographs of his that have appeared in various publications over the years and for the fine modelling which is a feature of his model railway “Bylong”.

One of the first items that will appear on this blog will be a spreadsheet showing activities currently underway in each of the Eureka Models projects. This spreadsheet will be regularly updated which should allow anyone so inclined to keep up to date with a particular project.

Well, as stated above this blog could take us anywhere so let us at least take the first step.

Ron Cunningham
Eureka Models