Friday, July 27, 2018

RH four wheel Cement Hopper - Project Progress Report

The factory has advised that this project and the associated steel hopper LCH project is well under way with tooling of the new hoppers due to be completed in August. This suggests a delivery date sometime in the last quarter of this year.
The factory has requested artwork for the two projects and this has been supplied. (See below.)
Two versions of the RH are being produced in this run. Research indicates that the NSWGR sold these four wheel cement wagons to a number of private companies as indicated below. Photographs from which artwork could be prepared have been located for the Southern Portland Cement company plus of course the original NSWGR version.
As previously advised, these two projects are using LCH underframes surplus from previous productions. This means that both projects will be severely limited in quantity and so only having artwork for one private company together with the NSWGR will fit in with the limited numbers of sets that will be available.
If research turns up more details of the other companies then these may be offered at a later date.  
Pre-orders are highly recommended.

The SPC version wagon numbers 98, 99, 100 and 101
will come in a pack of four containing

SPC 98 at Berrima.

LCH steel hopper NSWGR

      Details of RH disposal by NSWGR

C38 Project Update

The factory has advised that it wishes to start the injection process for the 38 class re-run project so that it can carry out the decoration process (painting). This is the most time consuming part of the assembly process and can be carried out whilst the engineering sample is being put together in August.
In order for decoration to be undertaken the artwork must be completed at this end. This is a major task in itself and obviously before the artwork can be completed a final decision must be made on the engine numbers and liveries that are to be produced. This decision has now been made and preparation of the artwork is underway.
The numbers and liveries that will be available are as follows:



3801 Verdant Green                          (1980s)

            3801            Black (c. 1960)


             3801              Grey   (1944)

                                                                     3802       Special Green                             (c.1946- c.1953)

                        3803   Special Green    (c.1946-c.1953)


3804  and 3805         Black  late 1950s



 3806      Special green/black smokebox  

3807      Royal Train Pilot Black (1954)

  3809      Black (1960s)                 

3815   Special Green/black         
     smokebox early 1950s

   3818              Special Green/green smokebox (1947-c.1953)


3820     Black (1960s) (Limited number)

3827   Special Green/green  smokebox 
            (1949-c.1953) (Limited number)

3830              Special Green/green smokebox (as preserved)


 For interest purposes here is the artwork for 3807 in Royal Train livery which was prepared for the first run by Sanda Kan but which was not proceeded with in the first run.