Monday, May 25, 2009

CPH/CTH Sound.

For the past week we have had a pre-production CPH/CTH sample with fully functioning sound to play with. We have been having fun fiddling with the model but more importantly we have brought in the experts to listen to the sound and give their opinion.

The last two unknowns to worry about in a project are the final running qualities of a model and where appropriate how does the sound come across.

Well, it appears that the CPH/CTH passes with flying colours on both accounts. With regard to sound, the motor sound, air and horn are all distinctively that of a CPH/CTH which given the specially recorded sound that we supplied is as it should be. (My thanks to Gary from Model Railroad Craftsman at Blacktown for the recording of the sound. For sound he is the expert.)

Sound is now progressing beyond providing just basic sound functions and listening to the sound associated with passengers boarding including the squeal of the seats being folded over is most entertaining.

The only advice to date from the factory regarding delivery is that they are still awaiting components.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

LCH/CCH Stocks

Stocks of CCH wagon packs and the 5 + 5 packs are now exhausted.
We have sufficient stocks of LCH packs to last about four months at the present rate of sales.

A re-run of LCH/CCH wagons is in preparation and will probably be delivered in conjunction with the RSH project. No delivery date as yet but we are thinking late 2009.