Sunday, December 10, 2017

MAL/ACS/AB 12 wheeler progress.

Assembly of the latest group of 12 wheelers, the MAL sleeper, ACS composite car and AB dining car is now complete and the finished models are expected to leave the factory in the coming week.

More shots from the 12 wheeler assembly line.

Shipping details will be available shortly but it is likely that the 12 wheelers will arrive around the second week of January.

The 12 wheelers will be available in individual packs. Price is $150 per carriage plus $15 postage per order.
Also available is a number of the popular 3 axle bogies and a number of spare chassis complete with bogies and KD couplers.   
Our last run of 3 axle bogies were released with the NCR sets and sold out almost immediately.
Price for the bogies is $25 per pair and the chassis is $40 per complete chassis.