Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Eureka Web-Site Malware Warning.

Visitors accessing our web-site through Google are receiving a warning that malware may be present. I have had this problem looked at and am told that there is no malware present (Google itself states that no-one has been infected) and that the warning is being caused by the fact that we are using a very old version of Java. Whatever the cause of the warning, the site is currently being up-graded (and up-dated) to eliminate the problem.

The latest edition of The Eureka Times is in preparation and posting out will commence at the end of this week. It will also be available on our web-site early next week.
The edition will contain an update on all current projects and timelines for all current and proposed projects. It will also contain order froms for our 3-dome bogie oil tank wagon 3-packs.