Thursday, February 17, 2011

China Back at Work.

China returned to work last Monday after the Chinese New Year holiday break and in response to our emails information regarding deliveries is starting to filter back to us from our factories.
The first news received is from the old factory who have advised that assembly of the re-run of our AD60 class Garratt is underway and that dispatch should take place the last week in April which suggests a mid-May arrival at Port Botany.

Monday, February 7, 2011

E wagon 1st Engineering Samples Arrive - Detailed pictures

The first engineering samples for the E Wagon project arrived in the week prior to Chinese New Year.
The samples are excellent. The detail is accurate and fine. The interior detail on the open wagons is particularly impressive and provides a very nice view for those who like to run their wagons empty.
The factory has stated that these are the first samples and that they will be making further improvements. At the same time the samples are being checked at this end for any necessary improvements or corrections.
In November last year the factory advised that they expected to deliver the 1st samples in the week before Chinese New Year and this is precisely what they did. This is very promising for the dates that have been supplied by the factory for our other projects currently in the pipeline.
The next steps will involve making any corrections that are necessary, preparing artwork and then proceeding to production.