Monday, March 30, 2009


Distribution of the non-sound CPH/CTHs is about half complete as of 30 March. Another week or so should see them all in the post. Ring if you want to check where your non-sound unit is upto.

Another package arrived from the factory today containing a full set of painted 38 class bodies complete with all details and in their final paint schemes down to the last detail.
Also included was a fully assembled non-streamlined version in weathered black with red lining.
Paint scheme looks good but as importantly after much testing the general opinion is that it is a very fine smooth running mechanism.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


The motor vessel Cosco Fuzhou carrying the non-sound CPH/CTHs is expected to dock at Port Botany this Thursday (12th of March). The cargo should be cleared early next week and distribution of the models will commence immediately. Distribution should take about two to three weeks.

Production of the sound boards for the sound - equipped units is underway but no delivery date is available at this time.