Sunday, November 30, 2008

Welcome to the Eureka Models Blog

We here at Eureka Models who remember when punched cards were needed to input data into a computer sometimes have trouble keeping up with the latest developments in computer applications such as blogs, wickies, You-tube, Facebook etc etc.However, the popularity of some of these applications suggests that they can serve a real purpose in conveying information to help build the relationships which are part and parcel of the endeavours which make up any society.

The Eureka Models blog then is intended to be a vehicle for conveying information about the day to day goings-on in the Eureka Models organisation. It is not meant to replace The Eureka Web-site but rather will carry what might otherwise be almost referred to as trivia.

Blogs are supposed to be a lot easier to update than a web-site and as such will hopefully be more up-to-date and “newsy”. It is intended to be quite informal and may well develop in directions that we have not even anticipated.

As with the Eureka Models web-site which is ably maintained by Tom Worley, the Eureka Models blog will be under the care of fellow modeller Ray Pilgrim. Ray will be known to many modellers for the many superb photographs of his that have appeared in various publications over the years and for the fine modelling which is a feature of his model railway “Bylong”.

One of the first items that will appear on this blog will be a spreadsheet showing activities currently underway in each of the Eureka Models projects. This spreadsheet will be regularly updated which should allow anyone so inclined to keep up to date with a particular project.

Well, as stated above this blog could take us anywhere so let us at least take the first step.

Ron Cunningham
Eureka Models


IainS said...

I think this is a great idea Ron, we are always hungry for news (good or bad. BBB has done a good job of explaining some of Trainorama's thinking and it is to be hoped that we will find out a bit more about Eureka's program.

Bushy said...

Yes, I agree with Iain, great idea. I suppose we will have all the usual suspects on here. The ones that lounge around the Yahoo Aus Model Group and so on.

First quarter of next year should be a good one. A couple of C38s and a couple of diseasels, 40 class, to add to the roster. Nice to see the D59 is not as far away as I had feared. Nice little table there Ron.

Electron said...

Yes, about the news; I came to have a look for updates because it looks like my Christmas stocking is going to be really bare! I was hoping for at least one steam loco by christmas! By the way, I'm also one of those computer users who remembers using punched cards to drive my Fortran-IV program at Uni. What a devil of a program it was to get decent formatted printed output.

pcal said...

Has anyone else noticed the ironic symmetry in the time taken to build the real 3801, and the time it has taken to get the 38 models produced? 3801 - contract let in May 1939, delivered in Jan 1943, approx 3 years, 8 months. The models - deposit paid in May 2005, delivery? March 2009, possibly. Time, approx 3 years,10 months. It is this sort of coincidence that really tickles my sense of humour.

Anyway, I like the table you have produced as it does let us know the progress of all the projects. Now all I have to do is to persuade my dearly beloved wife that I need a D59.

Bushy said...

Al, you have been waiting longer than I have, so good on you. Out of interest what is your order number? I have C-181105-1 and C-181105-2. Looks like a date system - order placed on 18 Nov 05. I didn't finalise the payment until April 2006 though, so a year behind you. I wonder who is holding the oldest order. Not long to wait now.

Don't aim too low mate. Ask the good lady if you can get three D59s then compromise and just buy two.

pcal said...

My order is C-220505-7 so is a few months older than yours. Although I agree, in principle, with your sentiments on the D59, I also need a HUB set to go with the 38, and a couple of the trainpack sets also look interesting. So a little restraint in the D59 direction would possibly pay dividends, especially as I forgot to tell her that I had ordered the coal wagons. The first she found out about that little oversight was when she answered my mobile one afternoon a few weeks ago when I was driving and spoke to Ron who wanted to confirm our address so that he could post them to me.

Bushy said...

Yeah, women have little sense of what is important in life. My wife is pretty good, but she is starting to query how many more trains are on the way. She doesn't know about two C32s, two C38s a C35, two 40s, two 48s. Hmmm, better find a good time to break the news gently. Oh yeah, gotta have the HUB. Either a C38 or a 40 diseasel can go with that. Perhaps two so we have the up and down flyers pass. Nah, just joking, or dreaming.

Eureka Models said...

The order number is indeed a date of order based system with the first letter indicating the model with the next six letters the date the order was recieved.
Both the 38 and R have taken far too long (for different reasons) and I am confident that future steam projects will be delivered in a much shorter period. (I am working on 18 months from date of first order being taken.)

pcal said...

Ron, I'm not complaining about the time it's taken for the 38s to be finalised - it was just a mildly amused observation. I've too many summers behind me to get worried about delays in plans. My layout is a classic case of that - it's been in the planning stage for years, but, once I get rid of the kid's treasures from under the house, things will happen. Exacly what, I'm not sure yet.

Anyway, is there any chance of a couple of photos of the painted pre-production models being put on the website when you get them?

Cheeers, Peter

Eureka Models said...

I will put photos of the painted 38samples up on the web site as soon as they are available.