Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Surprising news from the factory

A visit to the factory is over-due and so this week we started canvassing a visit sometime between Christmas and the 16th of January.

The factory suggested that it would be good to be there whilst the CPH/CTHs were being assembled and they have gone off to see if it is possible to bring the assembly process for the CPH/CTH forward from the third week in January to somewhere around the 26th of December.

More news later.

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B. Kooistra said...

Hi Ron,
Great news from the factory! Maybe that moves up the DEB sets a month! HA!
Just got my CHG in the mail all the way across the Pacific Ocean. That is a sweet little model! And despite its small size and relative light weight, rolls smooth as silk. This was my first Eureka Models product, and it definately won't be my last. Thanks again, and Good On Ya!