Monday, March 18, 2019


      In a scene that will soon become more common a black 38 at the head of a consist which includes an MCS in Indian Red stops to take on water.  

The factory recently advised that staff from Eureka Models should make arrangements to visit the factory in June this year. It is normally the case that the factory issues such an invitation to a customer when a project is in the process of final assembly. This is the case with the 38 re-run hence the invitation.

Delivery in August is now expected. 

The following are the locomotive numbers and liveries that will be available:

         Streamlined                   3801          Green/Black/Grey
               3802          Special Green 1946-1953
                             3803          Special  Green 1946-1953                                          
                                             3804           Black late 1950s
                                             3805           Black late 1950s

Non-Streamliined                    3806           Green with Black Smoke Box  
                                             3807           Royal Train Black
                                             3809           Black
                                             3815           Black
                                             3818           Green with Black Smoke Box Door
                                             3820           Black
                                             3822           Green with Black Smoke Box Door
                                             3827           Service Green
                                             3830           Green with Black Smoke Box






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