Tuesday, March 10, 2009


The motor vessel Cosco Fuzhou carrying the non-sound CPH/CTHs is expected to dock at Port Botany this Thursday (12th of March). The cargo should be cleared early next week and distribution of the models will commence immediately. Distribution should take about two to three weeks.

Production of the sound boards for the sound - equipped units is underway but no delivery date is available at this time.


IainS said...

Are we going to organise a welcoming ceremony or will you wait till the 38's arrive?

Eureka Models said...

I think that the celebrating can be left to individuals when they receive their models in the post.
One consequence of taking delivery of a project is that every one forgets that model and starts asking when the next one is arriving. It is a never ending process.

Cassino said...


Any chance we can hear the sound samples for the CPH's?


Eureka Models said...

The sound files for the CPH/CTH have not been released by QSI yet.

Anonymous said...

Well done Ron, another project nearing completion. Now I hope they get on with the sound ones. PRM

Anonymous said...

Did the Cosco Fuzhou get through the Qld cyclone last week OK?

Eureka Models said...

The Cosco Fuzhou did indeed make it safely in to Port Botany witout losing a single container to the cyclone.
Our container has been unloaded from the ship and we expect to receive two pallet loads of CPH/CTHs sometime this week.
Distribution will start late this week or early next week.
We will be attending Springwood exhibition weekend of the 21st and 22nd of March and should have rail motor sets available for sale.

Bushy said...

How was Springwood Ron? Sell a few CPHs?

Suppose you are busy posting the things out so no time for playing around here on the blog.


Anonymous said...

Hows the sound board going any idea from the factory when they are finished and ready to ship