Saturday, September 26, 2009

News From the Factory (almost)

There have been some significant changes at the factory of late and with a number of projects currently underway needing attention it was decided that some face to face contact was overdue. In what was to be a very quick visit we headed north last Wednesday (after a seven hour delay getting away due to a sand storm), visited the factory on Thursday and Friday and will arrive back in OZ on Saturday.
This dispatch is being posted from our hotel in Hong Kong as we could not send it last night from our hotel on the mainland as international blogs cannot be accessed on the mainland.
This was one of the most challenging meetings that I have had at the factory and as time permits some of the matters discussed, particularly those relating to projects underway will be reported on either here on this blog or our web site.

PS. I understand that the air shipment of 38s arrived in Sydney whilst we were away and we will take delivery on Tuesday.


Petertoo said...

Thanks Ron. Looking forward to getting mine in the mail. Good luck with the air freight 38's. Are you going to charge a little extra to cover the extra cost of air freight?

Eureka Models said...

Nothing extra, just the full after delivery price of $630.