Thursday, October 17, 2013

And Now...the R Class

                                                                            MV Cosco Dalian at Port Phillip Heads 01/10/13

               The factory has advised that Motor Vessel "Cosco Dalian" will leave Hong Kong on the 27th of October with a loading that includes a container of Eureka Models' R class locomotives bound for Port Botany where it is expected to arrive on the 7th of November, 2013. Allowing for the usual 3/4 days to clear Customs, the cargo of R class should be delivered to Eureka around the 10th of November.
              Distribution will commence immediately and should be complete before the end of December.
              Each orderer will be contacted to confirm order details before a model is consigned to the postal system.  Those orders that have been confirmed prior to arrival will be posted first. Packages will be sent receipted delivery and will have to be signed for, generally at the local post office.
              Those with balances owing should contact the Eureka office prior to the arrival of the shipment to avoid delays in delivery.

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