Wednesday, May 27, 2015

NCR Test Shots Arrive.

   Nicely detailed bogies from which the twelve wheelers derive their nick name.

    Our new manufacturer who is currently delivering the CG Bogie Ore Wagons is setting a cracking pace with the delivery of the first test shots for the NCR set.

Four car set undergoing testing at the factory.

Nice roof vents and roof profile.
           The test shots are of a very high standard. Apart from two minor injection blemishes early inspection has revealed no concerns. Once the inspection process is complete any necessary modifications to the tooling will be carried out. This will be followed by further test shots and when all involved are satisfied, the tooling will be polished and the project will move to the squirting and painting stage. Final assembly will then take place.
The corridor connections are particularly nice.

           Artwork for the NCR sets has been completed and will be available on our web site shortly.
           The factory says that the NCR project is still on schedule for delivery in time for the Liverpool exhibition.

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