Tuesday, August 9, 2016


40 Class Update

In the latest edition of The Eureka Times there is a photo of a set of 40 class test samples which were the result of the 40 class tooling being checked as being fit for purpose. The tooling passed with flying colours however, as part of the process much thought has been given to a problem that has plagued previous models produced by Sanda Kan which utilised the same gearing as is used in the 40 class.
This problem involves the splitting of the gears over time often in models that have remained in their boxes without having been used.

                                Examples of split gears. 

 Clearly Eureka wants to avoid any possibility of the problem occurring in the 40 class and so the situation with the splitting of the gears was raised with Eureka's manufacturer.   

The factory engineers took a look at the problem and pointed out that the splitting was occurring at the injection points which was obviously a point of weakness in the gear. By moving the injection points the problem would be solved. There was also some discussion on the material used when injecting the prone to splitting gears and a different material will be used in the 40 class injections. 
The whole process has been a useful one and the 40 class will be strengthened as a result. Injection of 40 class bits will commence shortly.  The model with the prone to splitting gears is in this writer's opinion one of the best diesels produced to date and is a favourite on Werris Creek. When it comes to injecting the gears, Eureka will certainly have extras produced and will make them available for anyone who wants to use them.

More news as assembly progresses.

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