Saturday, April 1, 2017

MAL/ACS/AB 12 Wheeler Update.

A set of injections for the 12 wheelers.
                                        Bodies, interiors and underframes for the three cars.                                                                             
      Received from the factory the last week in March is a complete set of injections for the MAL sleeper, ACS Composite car and the AB dining car. These three cars are the second offering in Eureka's series of 12 wheelers, the first being the NCR sets.
      The same high quality and accuracy as the NCR sets, these samples have gained the tick of approval of all who have seen them. The factory has been advised accordingly and the likely program for these cars involves squirting in April, decoration (painting) in May and delivery in June.
      Given that the previous planned delivery date was September, in time for the October Exhibition, a June delivery date would represent a considerable advance in delivery time for the project. It also augers well for the rest of the Eureka program as the factory works its way at speed through our outstanding and new projects.
     Due to a number of requests, coming with the three cars will be a number of complete under-frames including KD couplers and wheel sets. Price is $40 per under-frame. Numbers will be limited and pre-orders are advisable.
     Also coming will be more wheel-sets as with the NCR sets.  These went very quickly and so again, pre-orders are advisable. Price is $25 per wheel-set.  

     For an order form for any of the 12 wheelers contact the Eureka office. Pre-order price is currently $125 per car. This will increase to $155 per car after 30 May, 2017. 

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