Monday, January 26, 2009

LCH/CCH Stock Update

At the current rate of sales it is estimated that stocks of LCH and CCH 4 wheel hoppers will last about six months. However, stocks of pack No 3 (LCHs) and pack No 4 (CCHs) are now both down to less than 20 packs. Packs 3 and 4 are back-up packs that provide different sets of numbers for those who wish to run more than 10 of either the LCHs or CCHs. It appears that we have under-estimated the demand for these packs and they will be the first to sell out completely.
Anyone intending to purchase adittional packs are advised to do so quickly if different numbered wagons are important


Bushy said...


I see in the Eureka News 17th Ed a price of $300 a set without CHG. I think that is the only place that possibility is mentioned. I already have 3 CHGs from the packs I bought initially, but perhaps need a top up of a few more LCHs. Are you selling those No 3 or No 4 packs without CHG?

Best regards,

Eureka Models said...

For those who have packs No 1, 2 or 5, packs No. 3 or 4 are available without CHG vans.


Bushy said...

Thanks Ron,

I will send you an order and they can go with my C38s. No hurry to get them sent because they will only sit at Mum's place until I get back home.

Best regards,
John Bushell