Saturday, December 5, 2009


Distribution of the 38s is continuing with 60% of orders now filled.

The response to the release of the model has been nothing short of overwhelming and the stage has now been reached where the only locomotive numbers that we have available for sale are 3801 (in green) and 3830 in both sound and non-sound models.

Remaining stocks of all other numbers are required to meet existing orders.


Anonymous said...

G'day Ron
Thanks for the update! Does this mean that all fully paid 38 class orders will be dispatched to arrive before Christmas 2009?
Gavin Williamson.

Eureka Models said...


I hope to have all fully paid models for which we have been supplied full details dispatched by next week.
This should be easy to achieve because the last 30% of the orders that we have are either not fully paid or we do not have some minor details such as the locomotive number(s)required.