Saturday, December 5, 2009


The factory has advised that the sound board for the CTH trailer is now underway and as soon as it is finished it will be installed in the already completed trailer car and the finished CPH/CTH set dispatched from the factory. No delivery date has been supplied yet but it will be after Chinese New Year.

The reasons for the delay involves the separate decoder which is being installed in the CTH trailer car. This is a single function decoder which will provide control over the CTH car's internal lights and will allow DCC users to turn the internal lights on and off using a DCC function.

There apparently was some problems between the factory and the supplier of the chip and these had to be resolved before manufacturing could proceed. This has now been done and final manufacturing and assembly is proceeding.

More later when a definite delivery date is available.


Anonymous said...


I hope you are not saying that the sound is in the trailer when you say the sound board for the CTH?


Eureka Models said...


No the sound is in the CPH motor car. The decoder in the CTH controls the internal lights in the trailer to allow the lights to be turned on and off.