Monday, January 14, 2013


Distribution of the HUB has now reached the 65% mark and an "end of January" completion of distribution is the target.  We are continuing to contact modellers to varify order and address details so if you have not received your order and wish to ring to confirm your details please feel free to do so.


Sometimes errors creep into the production process and the above photo illustrates one of these in relation to the HUB sets. If one looks closely, it can be seen that the marker lights on  the head end  car are on and if they could be seen, the rear end car marker lights are off which is the reverse of what should be the case.
This is caused by the factory installing the pick-up wiring in reverse which under DC operation causes the above effect. The solution is simple and involves reversing the pick-up wiring in each of the head and rear end terminal cars. An outline of how this can be done can be found at the following web site:

The solution involves the application of some soldering skills. Anyone having difficulties in this area should contact the Eureka office.

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