Sunday, January 20, 2013

Distribution of the HUB sets is almost complete. If you have not received your order by the 1st of February please contact the Eureka Office. As distribution has progressed it is has become evident that stocks of additional cars will disappear very quickly and are not expected to last much past February.   Pre-orders indicated that demand would split fairly evenly between orders for five and seven cars and the order quantity for additional cars was set accordingly. However, since distribution commenced the experience has been that those who purchased five car sets are coming back for additional cars and this trend is quickly exhausting stocks of additional cars.

Since receiving the HUBs two errors in the decoration have become evident. One was made by Eureka and one was down to the factory. Eureka's error concerns the Tuscan and Russet livery where the Russet has been carried across the door on the carriage side. On the prototype the door was all red.
The factory error concerns the set number on the end of each terminal car. All sets are correctly identified on the box and the appropriately numbered carriages are present in each set. However, all terminal cars are numbered set "117".   Apologies from Eureka and the factory for these mistakes.
In the Candy sets the factory has also replaced one of the cars in each set with an RBH.
Finally, the wheel sets used on the HUB sets are a new design and use a press fitted split axle design. Some sets may need the back-to-back setting to be adjusted. Eureka is putting together an outline on how to check this setting and make any adjustments necessary. When it is ready it will appear on this blog.

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