Thursday, April 16, 2009

38 Class Delivery Date

Painting and assembly of the 38s is underway and the factory is talking about delivery in ten weeks. This would suggest the last week in June as a date to be late by.


pcal said...


Does the June date include both the sound and non-sound versions, or will the non-sound ones be delivered first, as has been the case with the last few projects?



Anonymous said...

Good to see a date now Ron does that delivery date included ones with sound?
Cheers Peter

NthCst Sparky said...

Sounds Fantastic. Any word on a delivery date for the sound CPH's yet

Anonymous said...

Hi Ron,
Could you please advise if you are attending the Brisbane Model Rail Show in early May to provide your northern clients an opportunity to view the 38's, CPH's and 40 Class.

Anonymous said...


Now coming into the last week of May meaning last week of June is a month off. Is that estimate still looking good? Would need to be shipping within a couple of weeks if they are going to be here by end of June.

Best regards,

Name John Bushell using anonymous because I am sick and damn tired of trying to get the password right. I know it's right but the stupid machine will not accept it. So anonymous but my name is John Bushell Google grrrr

Electron said...

Gee its quiet around this neck of the woods. Not even the distant sound of a C38 whistle to perk one's ears up!