Wednesday, April 8, 2009

C38 Paint Schemes

You have waited a long time and here they are.


Supersix said...

they look unreal!! i might order some more! 3 already on the way :)

Aaron said...

Thanks Ron, they look simply awesome!

Petertoo said...

All look good Ron. Thanks for putting them on.

pcal said...

Hi Ron,

They're looking good. The missus reckons I can have either 3813, 3827, or 3830, but not all three. So 3827 will have to be it.



Bushy said...

Thanks Ron, they look nice.

That silver roof will last about two minutes after 3820 arrives at my place. Perhaps they had a silver roof out of the paint shop, but I can never recall seeing an engine with a silver roof.

Some people are never happy I know, but how about some shots of the weathered version? Didn't you say a weathered black standard arrived with the bodies?

I ordered mine unweathered, so just idle curiosity.

Best regards,

Warragal said...

I'll bet you're glad to finally show them off. They're great. Be good to get hold of one or two. What's the time line now and when might the weathered samples show?

Brian said...

so Ron, Have you signed off on the paint samples yet?

Unknown said...

Thank you very much.

Darren said...

Very nice indeed, it gives us a good idea of what each colour scheme is going to look like.

Assuming the samples get the go-ahead, is there a likely projected estimated rough thereabouts delivery date?