Saturday, April 4, 2009

CPH / CTH Production Models

Sorry for the delay in posting these photos of the various paint schemes for the CPH / CTH railmotors.

CPH_CTH Green_Cream Production Model CPH_CTH Indian Red Masonite No4 Production Model CPH_CTH Indian Red Masonite No11 Production Model CPH_CTH Indian Red Matchboard Production Model CPH_CTH Silver Production Model CPH_CTH Tuscan_Russet Production Model


petertoo said...

Thanks Ron. They look good.
Are you still putting the 38 samples on this weekend?

Brendan said...

G'day Ron,

Just want to let you know the picture of the silver CPH-CTH isnt working.


Anonymous said...

Silver CPH-CTH picture works fine for me.

petertoo said...

Seems to be working on my computer it is on screen and gets bigger when I click on it.

Brendan said...

I checked a day or two later and it did work.

looks like Ron fixed them between my first post and yours????

But yes, they do looks quite good, pitty they arent available without the CTH trailer, because I would certainly be up for a couple!